Pałac Wiechlice
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Pałac Wiechlice


Palace's History

In 1786 property was bought by G. S. Neumann who built present palace complex in place of previous. Since 1795 classical court represents residential architecture, typical for this period at Silesia.

Wiechlice village is connected with the oral tradition from Napoleon’s time campaign that French troops probably hid part of “war cash” in this area. Some people  claimed that owing to this fact lord von Neumann was able to fund building the palace. Design’s author is still unknown.

Till World War II this palace complex was one of the most beautiful places in the south-western Poland. Unfortunately, during last thirty years the palace was totally destroyed.
In 2007, new owner – Zbigniew Czmuda bought the palace and decided to rebuild it. He has put a lot of effort into reconstructing former beauty according to old german architecture, based on natural, mineral elements.

In the renovated buildings and in the annexe there are calcareous plasters, windows and door were painted with ecological paint, wooden floor is natural oil and wax.
Wiechlice Palace was created to provide guests with endless pleasure. In addition, all rooms are equipped with modern LED TVs 42”, wireless Internet and telephone.